Tyler Rich, Sabina Gadecki Reveal Wedding Details

Tyler Rich's video for his latest single, "The Difference," involves his fiancee, actress Sabina Gadecki, and their two dogs: a Maltese Poodle named Charlee, and a Siberian Husky named Abby. Although the video was a true family affair, the day didn't go quite as planned.

"All the shots we did with them all day were indoors," Rich reveals to PopCulture.com. "And then the shots we did outside, just me and Abby, my husky, torrential downpour, lightning storm."

The video shows the couple meeting and falling in love, which surprisingly was a stretch for Gadecki.

"What was hard about it is, obviously we progressed from when we first started dating," she shares. "And so they're like, 'Do the shot like you guys just met, but you're not in love.' It's like, 'How do I backtrack this?'"

Gadecki and Rich might have had trouble acting like they aren't in love in the video, but they have no trouble recalling how they met and fell in love in real life. The two initially met at Stagecoach, a music festival in California, where it didn't take long for sparks to fly.

"I didn't know how to flirt back to him," Gadecki recalls. "He's like, 'You look familiar,' and I was like, 'You do too.' I didn't know what to say. I got all shy and nervous .... He was so handsome. I honestly got nervous. I was like, 'I don't know how to flirt back,' and so I just basically repeated everything he said, until it got to real questions, and then I ran.'"

"She's been in some movies and TV stuff, and so I subconsciously had a crush on her," Rich continues. "I had a crush on her, and I subconsciously, when I saw her in real life thought I knew her from real life, but I didn't. I just knew her from the movies. And I figured that out the next day, and then I had to step my game up. ... She's my celebrity crush.'"

Rich and Gadecki got engaged last summer, and are hard at work finalizing wedding plans.

"[It's] really overwhelming when you have massive families that live all over the country," Gadecki says. "My family's from Poland originally, so I think the only thing that's really stressing me out is the guest list."

They may not know who they are inviting or when the wedding will take place, but they at least know the nuptials will occur in Nashville, where they both reside.

"We're either going to do late Fall or early Spring," says Rich. "It's going to be outdoors, so we don't want the snow in Nashville.

"We want to have a big outdoor party," adds Gadecki. "We want to basically make it like a music festival for our wedding."

"The Difference" is the debut single from Rich's upcoming freshman record, which is still a work in progress.

"Working on the album right now," Rich says. "We're about, I've been told, to release some new music soon. Right now we just have the single 'The Difference' out. A song '11:11' and a song called 'Adrenaline' are apparently are coming out soon. We've been playing them live, so it will be awesome if they do get to come out. Other than that, just recording, writing tons, getting ready."

Not that Gadecki will be home twiddling her thumbs. The 34-year-old hints that she has plenty of acting roles in the works to keep her occupied.

"It's been a busy pilot season," says Gadecki. "I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about a couple things. I shot a pilot with Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, it's the Bad Boys pilot, which is exciting. There's one other project .... I have something on Netflix coming out soon. They forbid me to post about it, so I'm scared to get in trouble, but it's on Netflix, and I shot in Mexico City, and it's dangerous and involves drugs."


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Photo Credit: Instagram/tylerrich