Tyler Hubbard's Wife Hayley Shares Update on Baby No. 2's Estimated Arrival

Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley are currently waiting for the arrival of their second child, son Luca, with the little one's due date on Monday, Aug. 19. On Friday, Aug. 16, Hayley revealed that she's a little anxious ahead of her son's arrival, sharing a photo on her Instagram Story of an email she had received letting her know that Luca is 3 days away from his due date.

"Luca is fully developed and ready to meet the world," the email read, "he may just be building up his courage for his big entrance!"

As for how Hayley feels about her son's birth date, she shared that she really hopes Luca can hold out for at least two more days.

"Prayers please that Luca waits until Sunday to start his journey into the world...because that's when Tyler gets home," she wrote over the photo.

Florida Georgia Line is currently on the road on their Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour, and the duo has a show on Friday, Aug. 16 in Scranton, Pennsylvania and another on Saturday, Aug. 17 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. They then have a break until the tour resumes on Aug. 22 in Clarkston, Michigan, presumably after Luca is born.

Hayley recently opened up about her pregnancy in an Instagram post, sharing a nude photo from a maternity photo shoot alongside a lengthy caption.

"As much as I complain (to Tyler) about the discomforts of pregnancy, I'm really going to miss this belly. I go back and forth every day with my body, 'ugh I'm so over this,' to 'I love being pregnant!'" she wrote. "Pregnancy can be hard, HUMBLING, and uncomfortable, but oh-so-BEAUTIFUL in so many ways! The mere miracle of creating and growing and carrying (and birthing!) a human still blows my mind!"

The soon-to-be mom of two explained that her previous struggles with body image


"Having grown up with body image issues, I've had to consciously affirm myself throughout this journey of my evolving body, and remind myself daily that my body is doing a beautiful thing, that I am strong, my imperfections are beautiful, and it's only temporary, and it's so worth it!!" she wrote. "Let's all do ourselves a favor, girls, and remember how beautiful we are (pregnant or not), and celebrate our imperfections And everyone else's imperfections. Feeling grateful for this blessing of a belly and the miracle of pregnancy!!"

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