Tyler Hubbard Reveals How Drastically His Life Has Changed Since Becoming a Father

When Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hailey, welcomed baby Olivia (called Liv) last December, Hubbard knew their lives would change, but maybe not quite as drastically as they did. The arrival of their daughter changed every aspect of their life – including their bedtime.

"We've turned into old people," Hubbard confesses to Entertainment Tonight. "We go to bed really early. Pretty much as soon as she's out, we're asleep as well, and then we're up at seven every single morning. She's so happy in the morning, so that's some of our favorite time."

FGL had already planned to stay off the road for much of 2018 to work on their next record, which Hubbard says will definitely be influenced by his growing family.

"The fourth album's coming along great, and I would definitely say Liv has a huge influence on the writing and the content of the songs," reveals Hubbard. "There's a song called 'Women' on there, which her and Hailey both inspired. All the songs honestly are inspired by our life and where we're at right now. I think there's a lot of special songs on there. But we've still got the party jams. It's not all sensitive."

(Photo: Instagram/thubmusic)

Although fellow Florida Georgia Line frontman Brian Kelley loves being a doting uncle to Olivia, he and his wife, Brittney, have no plans to add to their family anytime soon.

"Every time I ask BK about it, he just says he's gonna stick to his dogs for a while," Hubbard says. "That's his go-to answer. He's got his fur babies. I will say, they're great parents, and that's a lot of responsibility as well. They have four dogs, and they have a lot going on. I think it's all about timing. They both say they want to have kids, so they probably will, I think it will just be a little while. I told him no pressure."

Meanwhile, Hubbard and his wife are already talking about adding to their family, both naturally and through adoption, following in Thomas Rhett's footsteps.

"I think if it's God's plans we'll end up with hopefully three kids," reveals Hubbard. "We've talked about adopting one day as well, so I don't know if that will be the second or the third kid, but we're just going to let a year or two go by, and enjoy figuring out how to be parents, and then see how it goes."

"We were kinda there in the middle of their situation as well, when they were adopting Willa Gray," Hubbard adds of his friendship with Rhett. "It's definitely an inspiring situation, the love they have for that little girl and that she has for them. It's just so cool to see the difference you can make in somebody's life."

While Hubbard admits having Olivia means less time with his wife, he is even more in love with her now that she's a mother.


"I think it's just cool to see the love of a mother, and how the child comes first now," Hubbard acknowledges. "At first it was an adjustment for me. It's like, 'Wait, you're fixing a bottle, you're not making me breakfast? What's going on over there?' But it draws me even closer to Hailey, just watching her be a mom. And there's just a cool new layer of intimacy all the way around the board."

Photo Credit: Instagram/hayley_hubbard