Trisha Yearwood Is 'Very Surprised' to Be Back at Country Radio

Trisha Yearwood is back at radio, with a brand new single, 'Every Girl in This Town.' The song is [...]

Trisha Yearwood is back at radio, with a brand new single, "Every Girl in This Town." The song is already getting plenty of airplay, which Yearwood is grateful for, and also a bit surprised.

"I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm very surprised to be one of the women that's on the radio right now," Yearwood recently shared with and other media. "I'm really excited about it. Honestly, I didn't set out to make a certain kind of record. I didn't set out to do any kind of anything except find songs that I love. And when I started this project about a year ago, I had no expectation except that I want to enjoy myself in the studio. This is one of the first songs I heard and I just loved it. I didn't have a plan."

"Every Girl in This Town" is from an upcoming, still-untitled new album, and is the perfect way to introduce her next project.

"After the record was done, it sort of became the song that kind of rose to the surface," Yearwood said. "And I think it's really just been in the last couple days, since the song has been out, that I really am seeing that it's striking the same nerve with other people that it struck me."

Yearwood has released a Christmas album, a Frank Sinatra tribute album and a few compilation projects, but her next set of tunes will mark her first studio record since Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love was released in 2007. Still, she hints that her upcoming album might be her favorite.

"I would tell you that, in listening to songs, I was really pleasantly surprised at what I found," conceded the Grand Ole Opry member. "There's a really, there's a really great treasure trove of great songs in this town that. If you just dig deep enough, they're there. And [producer] Garth Fundis and I, who've made a lot of records together, we went old school. We went and visited, sat down with publishers and writers, which people don't do that much anymore. The first question which made me realize that I was 54 years old was, 'You're going to make a whole album? That's so cool.' I was like, "Yeah. That's what we're going to do.'"

While most songwriters might pitch songs via the internet, Yearwood found it especially beneficial to sit down with them instead.

"As a result, sitting face to face with people, you get a chance to give them really good feedback," Yearwood noted. "This song doesn't work for me, and here's why. And then the second visit is usually where you get these songs – because they're like, 'Oh cool, let me go back to the well and see what else I have.' And I'm really proud of the song pluggers and the publishers in this town because they, they dug deep and they gave me really good songs."

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Photo Credit: Getty images / Brett Carlsen