Trisha Yearwood's 2018 Plans Include Recording New Music

With Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood wrapping up their three-year World Tour later this month, the couple undoubtedly want to take some time off -- but not for too long. Brooks revealed that he is already contemplating another tour, while his wife says she hopes to finally work on a new album.

"I'm just starting to listen," Yearwood reveals to "I have gone in and recorded a couple things, just on my own. I haven't even decided who I want to produce it. I have schizophrenia about what I want to do. But, I'm listening."

The Georgia native has balanced her busy tour schedule with taping her own cooking show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen, airing on the Food Network, which means Yearwood has had very little time to work on anything else.

"I really haven't had that time to really decompress, which you kind of need to, to be able to really listen to songs," she adds. "But I'm about to get the word out, so that everybody has me email, and they start pouring in ... People who know me send me things along, and I'll hear stuff. But I'm excited, and I'm ready. So, I keep talking about it, but I think I'm finally gonna have time to do it."

Yearwood and Brooks released a holiday album, Christmas Together, last year, and chances are, there will be more collaborations between the two in the future.

"The Christmas album, for us, was a really great way to dip our toe in the water, cause it's easier to find Christmas songs that you both agree on," explains Yearwood. "You can imagine, when you're listening for songs, it's got to be something that fits my voice, fits his voice, and that we both love, and that works well as a duet."

The two, who first famously sang together on their duet, "In Another Eyes," 20 years ago, says that even after two decades of making music together, it never gets old.


"When we've sung on each other's records, it's always fun," adds Yearwood. "We always challenge each other, we laugh a lot, and it's always a good time."