Trent Harmon in a 'Great Place' With Girlfriend Who Inspired 'You Got 'Em All'

Trent Harmon broke hears all across the country with the release of his latest single, "You Got 'Em All," the title track from his recent freshman album. The song, inspired by his girlfriend of seven years leaving him to take a job in Thailand, is still just as meaningful to him now as when he first wrote it.

"I actually had this conversation with another artist," Harmon recalls to "He said, 'Some songs you're going to get tired of, but you have to sing them for others. But this one, I can still go to that place."

Harmon released You Got 'Em All two years after winning Season 15 of American Idol, finding that his fanbase is still just as strong, and maybe even stronger, than after becoming the Idol champion.

"You always wonder, 'Well, I hope somebody buys it,'" Harmon says. "And so, I went and bought a copy of it. That was a very cool moment for me, but it's actually been really well received, and it's doing really well, so that's always a good verification, validation as an artist."

As for the woman who broke his heart, Harmon says their future is looking bright.

"She came back," Harmon reveals. "We were on the road whenever she heard the single for the first time. The first time I ever sang it live. She came back sometime after that, and we talked ... She said, 'The song is sad, but it's beautiful. It's wonderful. I love the song. I'm glad that you were able to convey that.' She's back. We're in a great place. We're happy."

Harmon got a chance to go back for Season 16 of American Idol to offer advice to the final five contestants, including winner Maddie Poppe.

"You're gonna have a busy year, girl," Harmon says. "That was what I told the Top 5. I said, 'Save your voice. Save your voice and sleep as often as you can. Whether you win or not, you're going to have a busy next year."

As for Harmon finding success by appearing on the reality TV talent show, the Mississippi native maintains the decision was right for him, even though itmight not be right for everyone.

"There's a lot of paths," says Harmon. "I ran out of money, so it was just the next path. But I've talked to so many different artists that have different paths, and it comes down to what you do the day after the show. I said, 'Look, whether you win or not, everybody tonight needs to know what they're going to do the day after the show. Go write a song about it. That's what I did."


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Photo Credit: Instagram/officialtrentharmon