Trent Harmon Grateful 'You Got 'Em All' Video Depicts Real Life

When Trent Harmon was considering video ideas from several directors for his current single, 'You [...]

When Trent Harmon was considering video ideas from several directors for his current single, "You Got 'Em All," he knew when director James King presented Harmon with his idea, that it was the one the Season 15 American Idol winner would use.

"So we were going through treatments, and a treatment is just an idea of what they see in their mind's eye of what they want on the screen while reading the lyrics to the song or listening to the song," shares Harmon. "And I read a few different treatments and I stopped reading them after I read this particular idea for the video. I said, 'That's it'. That's literally what was going on in my life."

The video shows two people living in two different places – a fitting scenario since Harmon's girlfriend, who inspired the song, was living in Thailand at the time.

"We were on opposite ends of the field, if you will, but we still had to get up every day and try to accomplish what goal it was we were going for," Harmon continues. "And the video, while it is beautiful it was actually quite simple to put together, which I think is great. You know in a medium-like video, if you can just get what we're trying to give you, listen to the song, it's all beautiful and you can soak it in, that's art well done. It's universally relatable."

When Harmon penned "You Got 'Em All," his girlfriend had just left to pursue her dream of living and working in Thailand. But although the song is about heartbreak, the 27-year-old reveals the two are back together, and working on their relationship.

"She came back," Harmon tells "We were on the road whenever she heard the single for the first time. The first time I ever sang it live. She came back sometime after that, and we talked ... She said, 'The song is sad, but it's beautiful. It's wonderful. I love the song. I'm glad that you were able to convey that.' She's back. We're in a great place. We're happy."

Still, even though Harmon's story has a positive outcome, he hopes "You Got 'Em All" inspires others, especially those dealing with a broken heart.

"I want other people to hear it and help them heal whatever's going on with them," Harmon says. "You can find my story wherever you want to find it, but everybody's lost somebody. Everybody's had somebody and then lost that person. So it's hard for me to go there, but at the same time to know that it helps me and it'll help them at the same time, that's a good thing."

"You Got 'Em All" is the title track of Harmon's freshman album, which is available for purchase and streaming by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/officialtrentharmon