Tracy Lawrence Shares His Passion for Christmas With 'Frozen in Time' Holiday Album

Tracy Lawrence is back with a new Christmas record, Frozen in Time. The 12-track record is a mix of several styles of music, making it the perfect addition to anyone's holiday collection.

"This is really kind of a jazz album," Lawrence told "I really love all different types of music, but I love the flavor of Christmas."

"You can overproduce it, you can strip it down, but there is just something about the simplicity of an upright bass," he added. "It makes me sing different, it makes me sing breathier, and it makes me hold the notes out a little more. I had a really good time making this record."

Lawrence included all of the Christmas classics like, "Christmas Song," "White Christmas," and "Winter Wonderland," along with a few songs he wrote himself.

"It's something I think the passionate Christmas fan that really loves well done classic Christmas songs, is going to appreciate," he said.

The "Time Marches On" singer grew up creating fond memories of the festive season. His love for Christmas is why he was so passionate about making Frozen In Time, along with his older Christmas album, All Wrapped Up In Christmas which was released in 2007.

"I grew up in a family of six children and we weren't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination," Lawrence shared. "But we had a lot of love, and the holidays were great because we lived close to my grandparents. All the cousins would come in, and we would all go to our grandparents on Christmas Eve. Everybody would get together, and there might be a fist fight somewhere out in the yard, and then we would all get in trouble."

Other memories Lawrence smiles about is when he would hide behind the couch waiting for Santa Claus until his mother would drag him "out by the ear" and make him go to bed. As an adult, Lawrence and his wife, Becca, have tried keeping their family traditions alive, even though their family continues to expand and go in different directions.

"It seems like this happens to a lot of families, and it does make me sad," he expressed. "But when my grandparents passed away, things changed, and my mom and dad tried to hold it together. All the kids go off with their families and respective others, and they start their own family traditions. As the years have gone by, it's been harder and harder to get the family together."

"I miss the way things were and I don't think they will ever come back," he added.

Although his family is spread out through several different states, he and his wife have created a new way to celebrate each year with a cookout on Christmas Eve joined by friends and wearing footie pajamas to stay warm.

Lawrence is not only keeping busy throughout the holidays, but also plans to continue touring for fans across the U.S., with no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

"I still love performing," Lawrence said. "I love going out on the road; we still do 90 dates a year, and I still enjoy it and I think that has a lot to do with it ... I hope that I continue to be as passionate about it and continue to grow for as long as I can keep doing this.


Find tour dates and purchase his Frozen In Time Christmas album for you or a loved one this holiday season by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Mindy Small