Tracy Lawrence Reveals 'Guidelines in Place' in Preparation for Upcoming Shows Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Country music star Tracy Lawrence, along with many other entertainers, are more than ready to get [...]

Country music star Tracy Lawrence, along with many other entertainers, are more than ready to get back on the road after concerts and shows came to an abrupt halt following the coronavirus outbreak. However, society will have to ease back into things as more-and-more people anticipate celebrating the summer months outside, with friends and at live events. In an exclusive interview with, Lawrence explained how management is gearing up for him to get back out on the road and shared details on how they'll have to go about creating a safe environment for everyone involved.

"The management has been working on putting a stack of guidelines in place for us. You know, we've got tons of hand sanitizer, we've got masks, I've got UV lights for the bus entrances and for the trailers to kind of clean all the stuff off, wipe down protocols," Lawrence explained when asked how he anticipates getting back to performing with social distancing being a thing now. "There will be no meet and greets for a while, and there's a lot of stuff that we're gonna have to hold back on. But I think the rest of it, it's just gonna have to be up to the promoters to do the social distancing thing."

The 52-year-old went on to explain that one of his friends who's a promoter has several drive-in theaters considering hosting concerts, indicating that might be the new way people enjoy live music these days. Lawrence did highlight that since "nobody's making any money yet on these things" he and his team are "just trying to test the water and get the ball rolling again so we can get out there and start making music again and giving fans an opportunity to come see some shows." According to everything Lawrence is hearing from "managers and agents" big concerts as we know them, isn't going to happen this summer.

"From everything the managers and agents are telling me that big shows are probably not gonna happen until next summer," he admitted. "The arena tours and the multi-pack festivals and all those things are pretty much done. We'll be focusing on trying to get back out and do some of the honkey tonk and as far as I know too, a lot of the fairs and festivals [...] they pulled the plug on [...] because a lot of those things are completely sponsored driven and car dealerships." He further detailed that because a lot of those gatherings are sponsored by companies that have not been able to create much revenue since businesses were forced to shut down or let go of some workers, they can't fund the opportunity for visitors or fans.