Tracy Lawrence Releases Personal 'Made in America' Album

Tracy Lawrence's latest album is out! The singer wrote eight of the 12 tracks on Made in America, which he says it the most personal project he has ever released.

“This is my most personal album I’ve ever made. It’s something I’m very proud of and celebrates the American worker and everything that’s good about our country," Lawrence said in a statement about the record. “I co-wrote a number of the songs, pouring my heart and soul in each of them. I feel it will resonate with my fans and country music lovers across this nation.”

Chris Stapleton co-wrote one song on the album, "Givin' Momma Reasons to Pray," with Shawn Camp. But whether he wrote them or not, Lawrence feels a strong connection to the dozen tracks he included on Made in America, especially the title track.

"The title track is really the first Americana song that I've ever done," Lawrence told "It's one of the last pieces that was written for the record. I really had another working title in mind for it before I got to that, and when Rick Huckaby and Adam Sanders and I got together, I had this idea. I really wanted to write something that was very positive, very American, very proud to be where you come from, proud of the things that you make, proud of what you do with your hands.

"I wanted it to have that feel to it," he continued. "I didn't want it to be political at all. I wanted it to be really removed from that, just to go back to being proud of being an American. And I think we achieved that."

Lawrence will hit the road in early 2020 with Justin Moore, on the Late Nights and Longnecks Tour, but he has already seen his crowds resonate with "Made in America."

"We've been opening up the show with this particular track," Lawrence said. "And it's amazing to see people sing the words back to you the second time the chorus comes around, they're connecting with it so quickly. From top to bottom, it's really a very traditional country record. I was very conscious of not overlapping any of the things that I've done in the past.

"I think you'll find it all very fresh but still very traditional and very much in the parameters," he added. "90% of what you would expect from me, but still fresh at the same time."

See a complete tracklist for Made in America below, and order the record by visiting Lawrence's website.

Made in America Track List:


1. Made In America
2. Forgive Yourself
3. Running Out of People To Blame
4. When The Cowboy’s Gone
5. Nothin’ Burns Like You
6. First Step To Leaving
8. Givin’ Momma Reasons To Pray
9. Work On My Willie
10. Chicken Wire
11. Just The South Coming Out
12. Stay Back A Hundred Feet

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Mindy Small