Country Star Tracy Lawrence Shows 'Love' at 'Bennett's War' Movie Premiere (Exclusive)

Country legend Tracy Lawrence decided to show a little love for his friends Trace Adkins and Michael Roark at their movie premiere for Bennett's War, and during an exclusive red carpet interview with, Lawrence explained he's been friends with both Adkins and Roark for quite some time now.

"My friends are in this movie, so I'm here for Michael Roark and I'm here for Trace Adkins, 'cause they've been friends for a long time and I just wanna show my love," Lawrence said, adding he was in attendance at the premiere to lend moral support.

Media that lined the carpet were pleasantly surprised to see the "Paint Me A Birmingham" singer walk the line — a guest no one was expecting, but equally thrilled to see.

"I haven't even gotten to say hey to Trace yet, but Michael and I had dinner together a while ago with some friends and the production crew and Mr. Lucas, which was very cool," he added.

Bennett's War hit theaters on Friday, Aug. 30. The film highlights the telling story of Marshall Bennett (Roark), who is a soldier that survives an IED explosion during combat as part of the Army's Motorcycle Unit. He ends up getting severely injured and is unable to walk. However, Bennett does the unthinkable for an emotional, but epic, comeback story.

"You get, like, a visceral feeling when you read a script," Roark said on why he chose to be part of the film. "It's not always there, but sometimes. When I read this one, I just, just the need for him. I thought the idea with Marshall, he's a guy trying to get back home, not so much physically, but spiritually," adding that he just found something that connected with him about this character.

"I play Marshall's dad [Cal Bennett]," Adkins explained. "Supportive but at the same time very cautious and not quite sure if I should be aiding him in this thing he's trying to do," adding that his character ends up giving in to helps his son out.

Adkins is a passionate individual when it comes to the U.S. troops and is involved with organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project. One aspect that stood out to him the most about this film is that real soldiers were used for the combat scenes — a feature he really appreciated.

While Roark and Adkins have been busy with their new film — along with the rest of the cast — Lawrence has kept busy with the release of his new album Made in America — which dropped Aug. 16 — and tour dates.

"I'm real excited about it. 'Made in America,' the title track ,is a real big American song but there's some great traditional country on it. The response from everybody who's heard the tracks from my album has been tremendous," he explained with gratitude.


"We're touring heavy, I still do 90 to 100 dates a year, I'm out there beatin' it up all the time," he continued. "Making some small additions, so maybe they'll be walkin' the red carpet for me soon."

Bennett's War is out in theaters now.