Tim McGraw Shares New Song 'God Moves the Pen'

Tim McGraw is sharing more new music with fans after the August release of his latest album, Here on Earth, announcing the Here on Earth Ultimate Edition and Here on Earth Ultimate Video Edition, both of which will be available on April 16. On Friday, McGraw released one of the expanded album's new songs, "God Moves the Pen."

Written by Tony Lane and James Slater, the song has a classic McGraw sound and celebrates written messages to your loved ones, in whatever form they may take. "Written in the sky, written in the sand / On the back of a car draggin' old tin cans / True love declared with brush and paint / Way up there on a small-town water tank," the chorus reads. "Carved in an oak or tattooed on the skin / Love moves the heart, God moves the pen."

The Ultimate Edition of Here on Earth will feature six new songs including "God Moves the Pen" and "Undivided," McGraw's recent collaboration Tyler Hubbard. There will also be two additional bonus movie tracks — "Gravity" from Free Solo and "Keep Your Eyes on Me" from The Shack. On Instagram, McGraw posted the trailer for The Shack, which he appeared in, and shared in his caption that "Keep Your Eyes on Me" was the first song he and wife Faith Hill wrote with songwriter Lori McKenna.

"It was so special to have it be part of 'The Shack,' and I'm glad we got to include it on the Ultimate Edition!" he told fans. The Ultimate Video Edition will include all tracks on the Ultimate Edition with the addition of videos for six songs: "Here on Earth," "I Called Mama," "Gravy," "Undivided," "Thought About You," and "Neon Church." See the Here on Earth Ultimate Edition track list below and pre-order both albums here.


1. LA
2. Chevy
3. Here on Earth*
4. Damn Sure Do
5. Hallelujahville
6. Good Taste In Women
7. Hard to Stay Mad At
8. Sheryl Crow
9. Not From California
10. Hold You Tonight
11. 7500 OBO
12. If I Was A Cowboy
13. I Called Mama*
14. Gravy*
15. War of Art
16. Doggone
17. Undivided / Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard*
18. Thought About You*
19. Neon Church*
20. Cuttin’ Onions
21. Truth Is
22. God Moves the Pen

Bonus Movie Tracks
23. Keep Your Eyes on Me / Tim McGraw & Faith Hill from feature film The Shack
24. Gravity from Academy Award ® winning documentary “Free Solo”