Tim McGraw Reveals If He Has a Future in Acting

Tim McGraw has starred in hit movies like Friday Night Lights, The Blind Side, Country Strong and [...]

Tim McGraw has starred in hit movies like Friday Night Lights, The Blind Side, Country Strong and more, all while continuing to pursue his music career. It has been two years since McGraw's last movie, The Shack, but the Louisiana native says he still plans on doing plenty of acting in the future.

"There are some things kicking around," he told Taste of Country Nights. "It's just finding time ... more after the first of the year, some stuff coming up."

McGraw might have an impressive list of credits, but he admits he isn't known enough in the acting world to secure a role without an audition.

"I've auditioned, still, a few times," he added with a laugh.

McGraw just released two new tracks, "Neon Church" and "Thought About You." Although "Neon Church" is his current single, it's the bonus track, "Thought About You," which is one of McGraw's favorites.

"[It] just tells such a great story," McGraw maintained. "It really reminds me a lot of where I grew up and people that I knew and the people that influenced me along the way. It's about people that don't cross your mind enough but at the oddest moments, they cross your mind."

McGraw initially worried fans by tweeting out "I need Jesus or I need whiskey," before he revealed it was a lyric from "Neon Church."

"I think when you hear an opening line like 'I need Jesus or I need whiskey,' that's one of the great opening lines of all times of a country song, and I fell in love with that," McGraw explained on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck Show. And then every lyric that comes after that is so well-placed. Nothing's out of place with that lyric. We wanted to go in and cut a record that had a little bit of a Journey/Prince vibe that's leading more modern at the same time. So we wanted these really big Prince-sounding guitars on it."

The 51-year-old hasn't revealed when his next album will be released, but he does promise that both "Neon Church and "Thought About You" are indicative of his next set of tunes.

"Both these songs were ready to be heard and will absolutely give a sense of where I'm going with my next project," McGraw shared on social media about the new songs. "They're meaningful to me and show the diversity of what I've been working on musically, I hope you like em!"

Both "Neon Church" and "Thought About You" are available for download on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Kevin Winter