Tim McGraw Praises Brad Paisley After Success of 'Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special'

Tim McGraw is speaking out about the success of Brad Paisley's recent TV special, Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special. McGraw appeared in the special, both in a skit with Peyton Manning and one with Paisley's wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and later praised Paisley for all the work he did to make the show a success.

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"So proud of [Brad Paisley]," McGraw posted. "He absolutely nailed it last night!!! "Not only a great friend, but one of the best people I know Love ya my brother!"

In one skit, Manning tried to replace Paisley with McGraw, much like in football. In another, McGraw and Williams-Paisley audition for the role of Paisley's parents, although their improv doesn't go quite the way Paisley planned.

"It's really good to see you," Williams-Paisley told McGraw flirtatiously, which prompted McGraw to say the script had their kids coming home and finding them making out on the kitchen table, with Paisley quickly shutting off the camera.

Williams-Paisley also praised McGraw for his appearances in Brad Paisley Thinks He's Special, posting "You nailed it too! Thanks for playing."

It was Paisley's idea to not only do the TV special, but do it in Nashville, instead of the typical New York or Los Angeles.

"I said, 'I think L.A. and New York are represented on television," Paisley told Billboard. "Wouldn't it be neat to take one of America's hottest, booming cities musically and creatively in so many ways, and put something on TV where we showcase the best of that, and show people on a TV special that Nashville is so cool?'"

One of the most talked about skits on the special is when Paisley's good friend, Carrie Underwood, takes Paisley's truck for a ride through the mud.

"I had no idea how that would go on paper," Paisley admitted. "I had no clue there was this trailer park, screaming banshee, hillbilly, crazy woman inside. The funniest image to me is the stunt driver on hold on the sidelines, holding a blonde wig, ready to go if she's not comfortable – and boy we didn't need him. She was so fired up about doing this, and it was neat to watch her take the reins of something like this and really unleash that personality in a great way.

"We're dear old friends," he added, "and at this point, I would think it's hard to surprise people with what she is capable of. I think we did it on the show."


Photo Credit: Getty / John Sciulli