Tim McGraw’s Mysterious Social Media Behavior Sparks Concern Among Fans

Tim McGraw's social media profiles have been wiped, confusing and concerning fans.

The "Humble and Kind" singer's Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles have been scrubbed nearly bare, with only the singer's name remaining.

On his Instagram profile, all his 2 million followers remain, but all photos have been deleted. Even the account's profile photo has been removed. On his Facebook page, his profile photo is also removed. Posts are virtually non existent, with only older photos and videos being accessible.

Things take a slight change over on McGraw's Twitter profile. His profile photo has been removed, and only one tweet remains.

The message, posted on Friday, is putting fans on alert for either strange behavior from the country singer or a new project.

"I need Jesus or I need whiskey," McGraw wrote.

Some simply thought the line was pulled from a future McGraw cut, and there was no need to worry.

"Calm down everyone...probably just a new song lyric...bring it on," one fan wrote.

However, many others in the chorus of fans were not so easily convinced. Some thought McGraw was struggling with his sobriety, his faith or both.

"Go with Jesus because he can get you through!" one fan wrote. "If you go to whiskey it only makes it worse."

Another added, "Hope all is ok Tim - pick Jesus every time."

Other concerned fans sought out McGraw's wife, fellow country star Faith Hill, to check on his well-being. Some also advised the "Highway Don't Care" singer to focus on his family for the time being.

"You just need your beautiful wife and family," one fan wrote. "You guys have just been on a major tour. You need to take time to chill out."

Another added, "Help your boy, Faith Hill. He's lost."


There are no other indications of trouble in McGraw's life, so this may all just be a promotional stunt for upcoming music. Other artists, such as Taylor Swift, have pulled similar social media strategies to build hype for soon-to-be announced projects.

Photo Credit: WireImage / Al Pereira