Tim McGraw Has Never Seen His Holiday Film 'Four Christmases'

Tim McGraw has appeared in a number of movies over the course of his career, but that doesn't mean he's seen all of them. Speaking to KMLE 107.9’s Gunner & Cheyenne last month, McGraw revealed that he hasn't seen the holiday film Four Christmases, which was released in 2008 and starred McGraw as Vince Vaughn's character's brother.

"Oh boy. That’s a good look," he joked when Gunner said that Four Christmases is the McGraw movie that always comes to mind for him. "I’ve never seen Four Christmases. Never seen it. I saw the trailer and I’m like, 'Oh, I’m never, I can’t look at myself like that for an hour and a half, two hours, heck no.' I don’t even like to hear myself, much less look at myself. It's tough for me to go back and watch those things."

One exception to that rule is Friday Night Lights, which McGraw said he has "always loved." "That will always be one of my favorite movies," he shared, adding that he recently saw a brief portion of 2007's The Kingdom.

"I didn't see my part in it, but I just saw a brief part," he said. "I just remembered how good that movie was. That was a really good movie, I was proud to be a part of that one too." The father of three added that he has "a couple of cool projects coming up," though he didn't share details.


In July, McGraw told his record label that for him to sign on to an acting project, the conditions have to be just right. "There’ve been a few things that I looked at that have been interesting but gosh, I’ve been so focused on making this record, I didn’t feel like I had time so, I’ve passed on just about everything," he said, referencing his latest album, Here on Earth. "There was one TV series that about a year or two ago we worked hard on, and it was a really good story, a book that I’d read and wanted to try to go make a series out of, and got it all to the table and done but we couldn’t get the script right. I didn’t want to do it without getting the script right, so I backed off on that."

"For me, it’s just a matter of, gosh, having time, and especially a movie," he explained. "Cause it’s not like I’m like Tom Hanks and I can go pick any movie that I want and go do it. A series of things that has to happen for me to be able to do a movie. First off, it has to be something I really, really like, and then they gotta want me for that part, and then it’s gotta fall into a time period that I’m able to do it. It’s hard for those three things to happen at the same time."