Thomas Rhett Praises Wife Lauren With Personal 'Dream You Never Had' Track

Thomas Rhett has written plenty of songs about his wife, Lauren Akins, but perhaps none as personal as "Dream You Never Had." The song, from Rhett's just released Center Point Road Record, is Rhett's reminder of the sacrifices Akins made for his own career.

"I think in every marriage, you have to have compromise, and you have to do this weight balance thing, because each of you have to support each other so much," Rhett said (via ABC News Radio). "And that song really is somewhat of an apology and a thank you to Lauren, for just riding out this chaotic lifestyle we call the music business together, because it's not easy."

The couple wed in 2012, just as his own career was taking off, with Akins joining Rhett for every part of the journey.

"The very first year on the road, my wife rode the bus with me for like 175 shows," Rhett recalled. "And we shared a bunk that was smaller than a twin size bed. And she was the only girl of nine dudes on a bus, trying to figure out 'Where am I gonna shower today?' You know, that kind of stuff."

Akins, Rhett admits, dreamed of more of a normal life, but happily signed on to help Rhett achieve his dreams, even at the expense of her own.

"But this is the life that the Lord has put in front of us, and we're gonna get after it and take it day by day and learn from each other everyday," Rhett said.

Akins was the subject for many of Rhett's previous hits, including "Die a Happy Man," "Star of the Show" and his current single, "Look What God Gave Her," among others. But it's "Dream You Never Had" that was the biggest challenge for him to complete.

"[It] was really hard for me to write," he said, adding that his fans "definitely need to hear" the song.

Akins may have initially been unsure of her future with Rhett, but the singer-songwriter knew early on that she was the one for him.

"In my head, I was about 13 – I think I said it at church camp one time and got rejected," Rhett said of his early feelings for his bride. "But, probably not until I was about 21 or 22 years old did it really sink in, and I knew from that moment that I was going to marry her. She didn't know for a long time, but I did in my head, and it was really cool."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Jeff Kravitz