Thomas Rhett Opens Up About Celebrating His 30th Birthday in Quarantine

Thomas Rhett turned 30 years old on Monday, and his celebration likely looked a bit different than years past, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rhett and his family are currently social distancing inside their home, but the singer's special day was still filled with a few surprises.

During a video appearance on the Today show on Tuesday, Rhett shared a few details about his birthday celebration, revealing that he was able to spend the day with his friends and family, though differently than he's used to. "My wife had a bunch of my best friends just pull up in our driveway," the "Life Changes" singer said. "They leaned out the sunroof and said, 'Happy Birthday!' And then my parents and her parents came over but we sat six feet apart. It was so strange, but weirdly had a great time on my birthday. Ate a lot of cake."

"I feel old," he added. "If that makes any sense."

On Instagram, Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, gave fans a look at her husband's birthday decorations, sharing a snap of Rhett sitting with his daughters Willa Gray and Ada James at a kitchen table featuring a plate of cupcakes and in front of a living room decked out with colorful streamers and balloons. Rhett and Akins also share daughter Lennon Love, who was born in February.

"Happy 30th birthday honey," Akins' caption read. "even in this quarantine I can't believe I get to live this messy & dreamy (all at the same time) life with you. At 30 years old, you're still my dream come true. I love you."

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Rhett also celebrated his birthday by releasing a new song, "Be A Light." The father of three and his co-writers first penned the uplifting track around one year ago and Rhett told Guthrie and Kotb that he felt that now was the time to release it.

"We wrote this a year ago, just based on where the world was kind of at," he said. "For me, it was kind of like, 'What do you say?' For me it was just, how to be a light in a dark place, how to spread light in a place that seems like you can't. We wrote this song on the road... and when this all started happening, it felt like this is the perfect time to put a song like this out, it's always been one of my favorites so I'm glad that it's finally out there for people to hear."


Photo Credit: Getty / Axelle/Bauer-Griffin