Thomas Rhett 'Missed Kids Tremendously' on Italy Getaway With Wife, Lauren

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, recently enjoyed an Italian getaway without their daughters Willa Gray and Ada James, but the couple were happy to return. The "Life Changes" singer admits he was eager to get back to his two little girls.

"We had a great trip," Rhett says. "It was much needed time for me and Lauren to kind of get away and recharge a little bit. But we are definitely glad to be back. We missed our kids tremendously. So it's good to be back home for a little while."

This wasn't the couple's first trip to Italy, but this time, they avoided stalking one of their favorite celebrities – George Clooney - unlike their previous trip.

"We drove by George's house on Lake Como when we were there last time," Rhett recalls. "Me and Lauren rented a moped, which was probably one of the worst best decisions we ever made. Our friends rented a moped as well, and they literally, when they pulled out of the moped parking lot, their moped fell onto the side, like in the middle of the street. Me and Lauren were like, 'Are we still gonna do this?' And Lauren was like, 'Yep.'

"I was like, 'Alright, here we go,'" he adds. "And we literally drove that thing five hours up around Lake Como and saw George Clooney's house, and it was pretty awesome."

Rhett just announced the release of the deluxe version of his recent Life Changes album, which includes his 11th No. 1 hit with the title track.

"There's no way for me to explain how it feels to have 11 No. 1s," admits Rhett. "This was the song that inspired the name of the album, and is so special for me because it's my family's story. It's amazing that so many people have also been able to connect it to their own stories."

The deluxe version of Life Changes features six new tracks, including three versions of "Leave Right Now." The deluxe version will be available on Sept. 21.

Rhett likely won't have much time to getaway with his spouse anytime soon. He will soon resume his Life Changes Tour, with Brett Young and Midland serving as his opening acts. He will also serve as an advisor on The Voice this fall, working alongside Kelly Clarkson.

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Jeff Kravitz