Thomas Rhett Releases Heart-Breaking 'Marry Me' Video

Thomas Rhett has released a heart-breaking video for his latest single, "Marry Me." The tune, co-written by Rhett from his recent Life Changes album, is about a guy who didn't express his feeling for a woman, with the woman ultimately deciding to marry someone else. But while the song is not at all indicative of Rhett's happy life with his wife, Lauren, he says she still inspired the tune.

"'Marry Me,' a lot of people have asked, 'Why you would put a song on your record that is so far from what your life is?'" Rhett says (quote via The Boot). "'Marry Me,'" really, in its broken-down self, is basically a 'what if' song. If anyone knows my story with my wife, there was a time where we both dated other people forever, and if I had not ever gone up and told Lauren how I felt about her, I would definitely have already been invited to her wedding, and I would be sitting in the back, probably getting trashed. And so this song is kind of like that 'What if I had never said anything? This is more than likely what my life would have been,' which is a very morbid thought, but it was fun to write."

Although the song, which says "I'll wear my black suit, black tie, hide out in the back / I'll do a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask / I'll try to make it through without crying so nobody sees / Yeah, she wanna get married / But she don't wanna marry me," doesn't reveal how the story concludes, the video shows the bride in tears at the end, hinting that the unspoken feelings might have been reciprocated.

Life Changes is nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Album, along with Little Big Town's The Breaker, Lady Antebellum's Heart Break, Kenny Chesney's Cosmic Hallelujah, and From a Room: Volume 1 by Chris Stapleton.


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