Thomas Rhett Credits God For His 'Blessed' Life

Thomas Rhett certainly has had many dreams come true, but he isn't about to take the credit for all of his success himself. The "Life Changes" singer says the thanks belong to God for his many blessings.

"I feel like we have definitely come a long way in a couple of years," Rhett says. "This is our second year doing our headline arena tour, which I still can't wrap my head around. And also getting a tour with Kenny Chesney this year playing football stadiums and baseball stadiums. That's a pretty insane experience. Getting to watch a hero of mine who I've been following since I was ten years old, getting to watch him play for 60-some-odd thousand people, God has been so good to us.

"It feels like every year gets cooler and every time we put a record out, I feel like I'm becoming a better writer, and a better showman, and a better singer," he continues. "Hopefully we'll start doing some bigger and cooler stuff. But I'm very blessed where we're at right now."

Rhett previously headlined his Life Changes Tour, which he will pick up again this fall, with Brett Young and Midland as his opening acts. But the 28-year-old gladly returned to opener status, especially for an artist as iconic as Chesney.

"First of all, opening for Kenny at a stadium I think is every artist's bucket list because he's made such a spectacle out of – that's what he does," Rhett explains. "He's a stadium act. I love Kenny Chesney but I don't want to go see him in an arena. I want to go see him at a stadium because that's what I grew up seeing at CMA Fest or at all these NFL stadiums across the country.

"And so," he continues, "to get up there and open for a legend and a hero – one day when he's not touring anymore, I can say that I got to be a direct support for Chesney on a stadium day."

Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, are the proud parents to daughters Willa Gray, who was adopted from Uganda, and Ada James, who just celebrated her first birthday. But according to Rhett, it seems like he's had both little girls from the beginning.

"The word 'adopted' doesn't even make sense in my head anymore really," Rhett tells PEOPLE. "I know that it happened and I remember it very vividly, but it kind of feels like she has just always been here. Even though Willa Gray comes from [a] whole different part of the world, she's ours and it feels like she never wasn't."


Rhett's current blessings include a getaway to Italy with Akins. Find a list of all of Rhett's upcoming shows at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Christopher Polk