'The Voice' Runner-up Adam Wakefield Accused of Rape on Twitter

The Voice Season 10 runner-up Adam Wakefield has been accused of rape on Twitter. A woman named Erica (@erica__lynn) shared her story in a post on the social media site, stating that she had initially met Wakefield at a bar, and then had been "talking" to him for a few weeks afterward.

Erica stated that the pair met up at a Halloween party and then spent the night with Wakefield even though she was "very drunk" because she "trusted him." She stated that at one point she woke up and Wakefield was having sex with her and claims that when she asked him to stop he replied, "You know you like it," and continued. The following day, she says that a co-worker took her to have a rape kit done. At some time within the next week, she did a controlled call with the police, which is where the police record a call between the target of an investigation and someone that individual knows. In this case, the call was between Erica and Wakefield.

While the police were listening, Erica says that she asked Wakefield "why he raped" her and he replied, "I'm sorry, I f—ed up." He also allegedly stated that he "thought [she] was awake," which led he ADA to throw out the case even though the "rape kit showed trauma." In addition to all of her interactions with police and medical professionals regarding the incident, Erica also stated that she "got therapy at the Sexual Assault Center."

"I've kept quiet for years because I'm terrified of him, the power he has and the repercussions of speaking out," she stated. "But how can I support other women and encourage them to come forward when I can't even do that myself?" It's in the conclusion of her statement that Erica names Wakefield, and notes that he "currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee." She also stated that she had another woman reach out to her with similar accusations. "Don't trust him," she concluded. "He's charming and manipulative and I don't want to see anyone else go through what I did." She later added in a follow-up tweet that more women have reached out to her and shared allegations of assault by Wakefield.

While states that the incident occurred "a few years ago," it is unclear if it took place before or after his time on The Voice as part of Team Blake. Erica has since tweeted her story to the show, stating, "THIS IS THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU HAD ON YOUR SHOW." Wakefield responded to the allegations in a statement on Tuesday.


"Recently, I was accused of sexual assault on social media," he said. "This accusation was in connection with a relationship that took place three years ago. When she made assault accusations at that time, I gave a statement to detectives and fully cooperated with the investigating authorities. No charges were ever filed against me and this matter was closed."

"I am not going to make any efforts to squash this woman's statement or try to diminish her voice," Wakefield continued. "I wish nothing but healing and peace for her. I apologize to both my professional and personal family for any hurt this accusation has caused, and especially my mother who has dedicated her life's work to fighting against domestic violence and other injustices against women."