'The Voice' Alum Cassadee Pope Opens up About 'Homey' Romance With Actor Sam Palladio

Cassadee Pope and actor and singer Sam Palladio have been dating for over a year, causing plenty of international flights between the United States and Palladio's native England, but The Voice alum is happy to travel, if only to spend a few days with her beau.

"He just played a show in London, his first headlining show, and it was incredible," Pope told PopCulture.com. "He brought me up to sing, which is really sweet. He let me sing my single, and we covered 'Dance with Somebody' by Whitney Houston, which was really fun and different. He's great. He's got some cool things happening this year, so people can look out for that."

With both Pope and Palladio so creative, the dynamic of their relationship is unique, but works well for both of them.

"It feels very homey," Pope revealed. "We can relate on a lot of things because of that sort of creative thing. It makes him very good at special occasions. I'm not much of a materialistic person, so the things that he does on special occasions are just very like heartfelt and thought out, and I feel like a creative person is just really good at those things. He's a special one."

Palladio, who starred in the hit TV show, Nashville, has also appeared in The Princess Switch and Episodes, and will next appear in the TV series, Catherine the Great. Although Palladio is exceeding in both music and acting, Pope says she has no plans to join her boyfriend in stepping in front of the camera – at least not right now.

"I actually take the opportunities in my music videos to sort of act a little bit," Pope said. "I haven't in the past, but for 'If My Heart Had a Heart,' I would really love to do some acting in that. But it is such a commitment. I mean, I see him juggling the music career and acting, and it's like it ebbs and flows for him.

"But for me, I'm so full on music that it would be really hard to say, 'Okay I'm going to go like do a show for I don't know, six months or whatever,'" she continued. "I just can't imagine taking time off for that right now. Maybe someday though."


Pope just released her latest Stages album. She will join Maren Morris on her Girl: The World Tour, and will then headline the CMT Next Women of Country Tour. Find dates, and purchase Stages, at CassadeePope.com.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Erika Goldring