Tenille Townes on Touring With Miranda Lambert: 'It's a Dream'

Tenille Townes already got to tour with Miranda Lambert once, when Townes opened for Lambert and Little Big Town on their co-headlining The Bandwagon Tour in 2018. So when Lambert invited Townes to join her again, for part of her Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour, Townes couldn't believe how fortunate she was to hit the road with her idol once again.

"It's a dream to get to be on the road with Miranda Lambert for sure," Townes shared with PopCulture.com and other media. "I can't wait to sing at the top of my lungs to all the songs in those sets. And honestly just to watch and learn from that angle of things too. I've been on the road with Miranda last summer and first-hand got to watch the way that she and Kimberly [Schlapman] and Karen [Fairchild] from Little Big Town were just really there for each other and lifting each other up the entire time.

"It's a genuine sort of friendship, and Miranda carries herself in such an authentic real way, always," she added. "From the art in her music to hanging out backstage, she's remarkable and I love getting to have a front row seat to watch and learn from that."

Townes is currently on the road with Bentley, on his Burning Man Tour, where she is also grateful to be able to watch a superstar in action.

"It's an incredible feeling," boasted Townes. "To have somebody like that believing in the beginning of this path, and taking a chance of bringing me out on the road for this entire tour, is a crazy thing. Dierks is such a genuine soul. The more I get to know him and get to watch him in different scenarios and circumstances of crazy canceled weather shows, or just the way that he takes care of his whole band and crew, and he's made us feel so welcome.

"He's gone the extra mile in so many ways," she continued. "And on and off the stage he's such a genuine kind of guy. I'm just thankful to get to watch and learn from that. That's how I look forward to paying that forward some day."

Jon Pardi is also joining Townes in opening for Bentley, and together, the two guys make a great team, at least when it comes to looking out for Townes.

"Those boys take great care of all of us," boasted the 25-year-old. "So it's such a fun time back there and really I think they've just been so welcoming. They've made us feel like a part of the family on the road out there and I just love getting to watch those shows every night and the hang after the shows are a lot of fun for sure."


Find all of Townes' upcoming shows by visiting her website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Danny Matson