Little Big Town Reveal Details of The Bandwagon Tour With Miranda Lambert

Little Big Town have proven their ability to sell out large venues by themselves, as has Miranda Lambert. So when the two acts decided to combine for their co-headlining The Bandwagon Tour this summer, fans knew they were in for a double treat.

But as excited as country music fans are, perhaps no one is more excited than Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild.

"Miranda inspires me all the time," Fairchild tells Rolling Stone Country. "I love spending time with her because she loves music and loves songs so much. She's so passionate about it."

Instead of each having their own abbreviated set, Fairchild reveals LBT and Lambert will share the stage for a full set of their own songs, joining in on each other's hits.

"We start rehearsals this week," Fairchild says. "We've been brainstorming about what songs to do for awhile during a bunch of back-porch hanging meetings. We've come up with some ideas that we think the fans are going to love of combining songs and also covering things. We won't know until these next few days in rehearsals.

"Honest to God, there isn't a song of hers that I wouldn't want to sing," she continues. "I remember hearing 'The House That Built Me' and having to pull my car over from tears. I feel that way about so much of her stuff. Nobody owns the stage like Miranda does, and she has those total kicka–– moments, and she just kills it."

In addition to sharing the stage night after night, Fairchild hopes they can also collaborate on some future songs as well.

"We've done some things through the years together," Fairchild says, "but to actually be able to tour and be creative and hopefully write some songs, too, that's what I'm hoping happens."

Little Big Town's current single, "Summer Fever," from their upcoming new album, is rapidly climbing the charts. The song, written by Fairchild along with Cary Barlowe and Sam Roman, is the perfect track to celebrate the warm weather.

"I really think that that's what people want right now," Fairchild explains. "We're living in such a time of, it seems like, turmoil and chaos, and not that we're turning our heads away from it, but we do need some levity. 'Summer Fever' just feels really nostalgic and reminds me of all my trips to Panama City Beach, Florida, growing up."


Download "Summer Fever" on iTunes. The Bandwagon Tour kicks off on July 14 in Indianapolis. Find a list of all of Little Big Town's upcoming shows by visiting their website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Steve Jennings