Taylor Swift's 'ME' Has Twitter in a Tizzy

Taylor Swift dropped her much-anticipated single "ME!" and its accompanying video on Friday, April 26, instantly sending fans running to Twitter to decode the symbols and clues the pop star is so fond of hiding in her music videos.

"ME!" is a collaboration with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco, who helped Swift pen the track along with Joel Little.

The whole music video is an explosion of color, marking a major departure from Swift's previous reputation era, which featured dark, primary tones and moody imagery. The clip kicked off with Swift and Uri speaking French, with Swift shouting "Je suis calme!" as she slammed a door and began singing, bursting out onto the street in a bright yellow suit.

What followed featured dancing, rainbows, marching band outfits, chicks in sunglasses, pink dresses and cats, with the song's slick production bringing to mind Swift's first full pop album, 2014's 1989.

The song's fun-filled message and the video's colorful aesthetic had some people calling to mind the Trolls soundtrack, which wasn't always a bad thing.

There were also Glee jokes.

And plenty of other reactions.

As usual, Swift included plenty of Easter Eggs and clues in the clip for fans to unpack, including the fact that she might now have three cats.

Some fans also think the star teased the name of her next single with a neon billboard that appears in the clip.

Others are certain Swift's upcoming album will include a collaboration with the Dixie Chicks thanks to the group's photo hanging on the wall of chicks.

Several of Swift's seven outfits in the video called to mine past ensembles she's worn during previous eras.

There were also plenty of sly references to reputation, including one scene when Swift sings, "I know that I went psycho on the phone" as she points to a phone almost identical to the one she used in her video for "Look What You Made Me Do."

The video also began with a pink snake turning into butterflies, signaling Swift's growth after her reputation era.


Since its release at midnight, the video has become the fastest in history to reach 10 million views, hitting the milestone in two hours.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Taylor Swift