Taylor Swift Surprises Fans at Butterfly Mural in Nashville

Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance at a mural in Nashville on Thursday, April 25, one day before making her big announcement that she's been teasing for weeks.

Prior to her arrival, the star took to her Instagram Story to confirm that the mural, a giant pair of butterfly wings adorned with hearts and cats and painted on a pastel pink wall, was in fact commissioned by her.

"We've commissioned this butterfly mural to be painted on a wall in Nashville and put clues about the song and the new music in the mural," she said. "I'm gonna go show up."

Swift added that the mural was painted by artist Kelsey Montague, who also painted another mural of wings in the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville directly across the street from Swift's.

In addition to the wings, the mural now contains the word "Me!"

Fans had been gathering at the spot for several hours, after artists were spotted touching up the art. After the mural appeared in Nashville two weeks ago, fans speculated that it was connected to Swift, but nothing was confirmed until Thursday.

When she arrived, Swift posed in front of the wings herself before posing with fans, taking selfies and making her way through the growing crowd. She also gave a few cryptic hints about her new music, telling fans that there's going to be another clue this evening on ABC.

Swift's mother, Andrea, was also at the mural, which contains 13 hearts and seven flowers along with stars, plants, rainbows and multiple cats.

The fact that the painting is in Nashville is leading some fans to wonder whether the singer will be returning to her country roots on her upcoming album, as the aesthetic Swift has been promoting is a marked contrast from the strong primary colors of her 2017 effort, reputation.

Several months ago, the singer switched up her Instagram feed to feature pastel colors and dreamy imagery including hearts, stars and palm trees, and she's since been posting shots of items including vases of flowers, tulle fabric and photos of chickens in sunglasses/


Swift didn't make any sort of statement at the mural, though all will hopefully be revealed midnight ET when it's time for the official announcement, which many fans are guessing will include a new song.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jamie McCarthy