Staind's Aaron Lewis Hospitalized

Aaron Lewis, the frontman for the group Staind, was hospitalized on Thursday, Jan. 13. He was forced to cancel three shows he had planned over the weekend. Lewis, 49, needed his appendix removed and is now recovering from surgery.

"No more appendix, and no shows this weekend but AFL is out of surgery, and doing just fine," Lewis wrote on Instagram. He included a photo taken from his hospital bed, with both middle fingers shown to the camera. Lewis was scheduled to perform in Davenport, Iowa on Jan. 14. He was scheduled to perform in Inman, Kansas and Springfield, Missouri on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, reports Loudwire.

Although Lewis was not performing this past weekend, he did release a new song. On Friday, he released "Everybody Talks to God," a new single for his country album Frayed at Both Ends, which is scheduled to be released on Jan. 28. His next performance is scheduled for Jan. 21 in Pensacola, Florida.

Lewis' new album is also set to include his controversial song "Am I The Only One," which reached the top of Billboard's Country Songs chart. In the song, the Vermont-native railed against the removal of Confederate monuments and Bruce Springsteen. "Well, I lived through the last year and a half with you and everybody else in this country, and I found myself on many occasions, just like all of you, sitting and scratching my head and wondering what is going on in this amazing country that we have," Lewis told Fox & Friends over the summer.

During a November 2021 show in West Virginia, Lewis claimed he had COVID-19. He also claimed he was cured by taking ivermectin, a drug the FDA has repeatedly warned against using because there is no evidence that it can be used to treat COVID in humans. All major world health organizations have said ivermectin is not authorized to treat the virus in humans. Lewis also claimed he took Z-Pak, and "sat in an infrared sauna and I sat in one of those hyperbolic or hyperbaric oxygen chambers." He claimed COVID was gone in a week.


Lewis founded Staind in 1995. In 2010, he began a solo career as a country music artist. He released his first solo album, The Road, in 2012. Frayed at Both Ends is his fourth solo album. Before "Am I The Only One," Lewis' biggest hit single was "Country Boy," a 2011 collaboration with the late George Jones and Charlie Daniels.