Sheryl Crow Recalls Moment She 'Mortified' Oldest Son at School Event

Sheryl Crow might be one of the most famous musicians of the last couple decades, but not everyone is a fan of her day job. The singer, who is the proud parent of 12-year-old Wyatt and 9-year-old Levi, admits that when it comes to her life at home, her sons aren't especially fond of their mother's celebrity status.

"Yesterday we did a taping and I had to rush from there to Meet the Teacher Night at school," Crow recalled to her record label. "I was wearing a pair of leather jeans and I had on false eyelashes. I was totally done and I walked into the school and all I could think was my 12-year-old would be mortified because I am so ‘mom in the drop off lane,’ ‘mom at the ballgames.’"

Still, while the boys may not appreciate having a famous mom, they do at least understand a little more what she does than perhaps some children in their situation.

"The one thing that has changed in the last few years is that four years ago I made a record called Be Myself, and the kids were in the studio a lot while I was making it," Crow said. "They saw the work that goes into making a record. And they actually enjoyed it, and it’s really changed everything for us because now when we go on the road they understand that it’s not just me going out and playing music.

"They see what went into it, that it actually is my work and they really like it," she continued. "They like bringing guitars out onstage. So in that way they think I’m cool because it allows them to come out on stage, you know. But other than that … not so much.”

Crow recently released Threads, which she says will be her final full album. The 17-track record includes collaborations with some of music's biggest stars, including James Taylor, Stevie Nicks, Maren Morris, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson and more.


“I became inspired to record an album of musical experiences with the legacy artists who inspired me to want to be a great songwriter, musician, and producer," Crow said of Threads. "It is a celebration with them, and a tribute to them. Just as importantly, I wanted to work with younger artists on this record, who I believe will pick up the torch and continue to light the way for humanity with their stories and their songs for many years to come. Their music inspires me every day.”

Photo Credit: Getty images / Jeff Kravitz