Exclusive: Watch Sheryl Crow's Performance on 'Front and Center'

Sheryl Crow returns to the Front and Center stage on Friday, Feb. 9, to perform several songs, including the title track of her latest album, Be Myself.

Singing, "Oh if I can't be someone else / I might as well be myself," Crow's performance is a reminder of why she is deserving of her music icon status. Flawless in her delivery, Crow clearly enjoys taking the stage, whether singing in front of large crowds or in more intimate venues.

The 55-year-old admits she found a lot of freedom in recording Be Myself.

"This period of my life, I feel really liberated, and that's maybe where the celebration comes in," says Crow. "The fact that I'm not competing with young pop stars anymore – and I couldn't even hope to get played at pop radio anymore, because it's so geared to young people. But those aren't necessarily the people that would gravitate to my music."

For Crow, being vulnerable and honest in penning songs that other people listen to is what inspires her to keep putting her thoughts to music.

"Through the years of writing, I think I've learned that there's nothing off-limits to write about, but at the same time, there is a responsibility," she says. "I really love the fact that there are people that are still new to my music, and they listen to lyrics. Those are my people, and that the opportunity is there to share something. That's what's motivating to me."

Season 8 of Front and Center will also include performances by Miranda Lambert, Seal, Clint Black, Kane Brown, Luke Combs and many more. The series airs on PBS. Local listings and air times can be found at FrontandCenter.com.

Photo Credit: PFA Media