Shania Twain Voices Support of Taylor Swift Ahead of American Music Awards

Country music superstar Shania Twain will head to the American Music Awards on Sunday, Nov. 24, where she will perform a medley of hits. She also hopes to run into Taylor Swift, who has been making headlines due to her ongoing dispute with Big Machine Label Group's Scooter Braun over her rights to perform her music.

"I don't know a lot about the details of that, but I'm a big supporter of Taylor," Twain told USA Today. "I think she's just incredibly brilliant. I haven't had a chance to talk to her about it and I don't really know where everybody is coming from, but I'll always support the artist and their access to their own music. It seems a bit ridiculous to not have that."

Twain hasn't revealed too many details of her performance, but she does divulge that the medley will include some of her songs, and some from outside artists that she loves.

"It's eight songs altogether, from top to bottom," the 54-year-old shared. "I'm starting off with a mashup of my favorite current [songs] that are not my own, and that will lead into 'You're Still the One.' I'm going to do that whole section alone, just me, my guitar and a microphone. Then I'm going to break into a few of my hits that everybody knows and can sing along with. I'm a fan of doing the classics: Those are the moments that bring us all together and I never get bored of that."

Twain is also a fan of the country music artists that shared time on the radio with her, even though she no longer hears them on the airwaves anymore.

"It's very ageist," Twain said of radio. "I don't hear Reba [McEntire] on the radio anymore; I don't hear Patty Loveless on the radio anymore. I don't hear Shania Twain on the radio anymore in country! So that's got to change, too. Thankfully with technology, we do have other outlets of getting our music out there and radio isn't the end all be all of somebody's success today.

"But it's very frustrating and it's a disservice not only to the artist," she added, "but to the public, that they can't turn on the radio and hear all the best music that's being made right now."


The 2019 American Music Awards will air live on Sunday, Nov. 2.

Photo Credit: Getty / NBC