Shania Twain Celebrates Opening Night of 'Let's Go!' Las Vegas Residency

Shania Twain is officially back in Las Vegas! The iconic singer posted a photo and a couple videos on social media, celebrating her return with her Let's Go! residency. The shows mark Twain's return to Las Vegas, after performing her Shania: Still the One residency from 2012 to 2014.

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"Opening night done!" Twain wrote. "What a night!! Thank you to everyone who came, you guys were so loud! I can't wait for tonight."

Part of the reason Twain was ready to return to Las Vegas is because of the affinity she has for the city, which she already called home for more than two years.

"When you're on tour going from town to town, it's such a brief experience," Twain explained to Las Vegas magazine. "During the residency in Las Vegas, I got to know the city better and just fell in love with it. And I like to be in the audience there. I'm always out eating at the restaurants and seeing other shows and going to hockey games. I guess I delved into the spirit of being a member of the community, and you know you're never bored in Las Vegas."

Since her last Vegas residency, Twain headlined her Rock This Country Tour, as well as her global Now Tour, and released her Now album. With the busyness of the last five years, the Canadian is eager to stay in one city for a while.

"I had such a great experience during the last residency and I feel very at home [in Las Vegas]," Twain said. "I'm excited to get creative again with this platform and a Vegas residency is so unique. It's such a luxury for an artist because you get to dive into all this technology you can't take on tour. It's like a playground and I feel privileged to be invited back. But I'm excited about so many things with this, and just to be back in the city."

Twain will be working on much more than just her residency while in Sin City. She also reveals she is hard at work on a new set of tunes, which she hopes to finish in 2020.

"I am working on a new album and I look forward to that happening next year," Twain revealed. "I'll be able to release new music for the second year of my residency and I will adapt the show for sure. The second year will be different from the first."


Find more information on Twain's residency on her website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Taylor Hill