Seaforth Shares the Process Behind 'Special' New Song 'Everything Falls for You' (Exclusive)

Earlier this month, country duo Seaforth released "Everything Falls for You," an uber-romantic ballad built around the idea that it's not just one person falling for another, it's the literal world around them as well. Band members Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson wrote the song with Derrick Southerland, who came up with the title during a writing session in Nashville.

"We were like, 'That's amazing,'" Jordan recalled. "He kind of explained where he saw it going, and then we kind of bounced some ideas around and unpacked it, and it just became this, super visual, picturesque love song, and we immediately loved it, and knew it was special, felt it was a little unique. We recorded it, and figured right now is a great time to put, just a feel-good love song out into the world." The slow dance-ready track finds the duo switching off to narrate a message to their partner, who affects the gravity of everything from roses to the rain.HERE

"I feel like people need to feel a little bit of love right now, 'cause we're all stuck at home and everything else," Jordan added. "We're super proud of the song, and very, very excited to have it out into the world, the response we've gotten from it has been amazing so far, so we'll keep it coming."

Childhood friends who grew up in Seaforth, Australia, the town that gave the duo their name, Jordan and Thompson both got into music separately before eventually connecting after high school. "We started writing together, and it just kinda made sense, we were like, 'This feels right, it feels like, what we do together is stronger than what we do apart,'" Jordan explained. "It just was a really natural thing. We both had the same ambition to move to the U.S. And move to Nashville and make country music and work with [producer] Dan Huff and hopefully sign a record deal, and have these big dreams. It's pretty amazing that we've gone our whole life and now we're here."


In 2019, the duo released the EP Love That, which contains four songs introducing Seaforth to the world. "I think that's like a good snapshot of what our sound is, I still feel like we're progressing from that," Thompson said. "We've got everything from the up-tempo on there, to the serious, more heartfelt, genuine, emotional stories, but I just feel like it kind of gave like a good overall introduction to who we are and what we're about."