Scotty McCreery Gives Wedding Update

Scotty McCreery is only a couple weeks away from marrying his fiancee, Gabi Dugal, and the singer is opening up about how he feels about tying the knot.

"I really am excited about it," McCreery shared with at a recent media event. "The nerves are just because it's a big step. I'm not nervous about us at all. It's just, such a big step in one's life. I really can't wait."

For McCreery, the best part will be getting to spend more time with Dugal when he is off the road.

"In my life work I travel a lot, and we don't live together yet," McCreery says. "So when I do come home I'm still going back to my two guy roommates. I'm like, 'Yeah, you guys are cool, but I'd really much rather be with my fiancee.' Now after this, as soon as I come home from the road, I get to go back to her and spend more time together like that.

(Photo: Instagram/scottymccreery)

"It's a really special moment," he continues. "We were just up at the wedding venue the last couple days, getting all the final details sorted out, but it's exciting. I'm nervous-excited. It's a big step, but luckily I've known her since kindergarten. We grew up together, so I think she knows everything about me. I know pretty much everything about her."

McCreery's current single, "This Is It," was inspired by his relationship with Dugal.

"We went to the poolhouse, over at Frank [Rogers'] place, and sat down and just kind of told him," the American Idol alum says of the song, which he wrote with Rogers and Aaron Eshuis. "Like, 'Guys, in two weeks we're gonna be alone in the mountains and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna propose somewhere up there.'

"So we just got to talking about it," he adds. "It's basically the blueprint for the engagement. I wrote it before I got engaged, so I had really hoped that everything went to plan and she would say yes. And it did all go to plan and we wrote it."


"This Is It" is from McCreery's recent Seasons Change album, which is available for purchase and streaming on his website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/scottymccreery