Scotty McCreery Celebrates Romantic 'This Is it' Becoming Second No. 1 Hit

Scotty McCreery just earned his second No. 1 hit with "This Is It," from his 2018 Seasons Change album. The song is all the more special because it was written by McCreery, along with Frank Rogers and Aaron Eshuis, and inspired by McCreery's love for his wife, Gabi.

"I wrote 'This Is It' for Gabi," McCreery said in a statement. "It's our song. I played it for her just an hour after I proposed. I sang it to her at our wedding. She's who I see in my mind when I perform it on the road every night. Watching our love story become my second No. 1 hit is something Gabi and I will treasure always. I am so thankful to country radio and my fans who have stood with me from day one for making my dreams come true."

McCreery's wedding to Gabi became part of the official video for the song, which makes it even that much more meaningful for the couple.

"It's been incredible," McCreery said at a media event, speaking about the success of "This Is It." "I think one of the things this song has done is invite the folks into our lives. Especially the music video. That was kind of our way of inviting everybody to the wedding, without inviting everybody to our wedding. We only had about 200 spots for friends and family."

"I love talking about Gabi," he continued. "I love singing about Gabi. She's my best friend. I wrote the song for her, and the fact I get to share that with everyone is wonderful."

The McCreerys just added to their family with a four-legged friend named Moose, which will be the only addition the couple welcome anytime soon, even though his relatives are already adding the pressure to increase their family size.

"They were doing that the night we got married," McCreery said on the Ty Bentli Show, speaking of his family putting the pressure on them to have a baby. "I'm the last boy McCreery in the lineage. "I've heard plenty from the uncles. They want a boy. Badly."

Meanwhile, the North Carolina native is keeping plenty busy with his career, and taking care of Moose.

"I love that guy," McCreery boasted. "He was barking this morning. I had to catch an early flight. i was like, 'Buddy, you gotta calm down.' He's just a ball of energy. He's like a cartoon dog. His face looks like a dang cartoon."

McCreery has plenty of dates on the calendar over the next few months. Find a list of all of his upcoming shows by visiting his website. Download "This Is It" on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Debra L Rothenberg