Scotty McCreery Feels the Pressure to Have a Child With New Wife, Gabi

Scotty McCreery and his wife, Gabi, have only been married about seven months, but he is already feeling the pressure to have a child! The American Idol alum reveals his family has been pushing for a baby since the moment they tied the knot.

"They were doing that the night we got married," McCreery said on the Ty Bentli Show, speaking of his family putting the pressure on them to have a baby. "I'm the last boy McCreery in the lineage. "I've heard plenty from the uncles. They want a boy. Badly."

The couple might not be ready to have a son or daughter, but they did just add to their family by adopting their new dog, Moose. While they don't have to deal with midnight feedings and diaper changes with their yellow lab, they are trying to train their new addition, which isn't always going according to plan.

"I love that guy," McCreery said. "He was barking this morning. I had to catch an early flight. i was like, 'Buddy, you gotta calm down.' He's just a ball of energy. He's like a cartoon dog. His face looks like a dang cartoon."

(Photo: Instagram/scottymccreery)

The North Carolina native added that Moose still hasn't fully learned to go to the bathroom outside, and that's not the only issue they are dealing with.

"Our coffee table is beat," added McCreery. "Loves [chewing on] shoes."

Moose's misbehavior aside, McCreery and Gabi are thrilled to have him join their family.

"We will make sure that we can keep the dog going first," McCreery told Taste of Country before the arrival of Moose, on deciding on having a dog before a child.

"That will be another adventure," he added. "It will be fun. [Gabi] would have had a dog yesterday if she could. But both of us want to figure out married life ourselves before we have a dog."

McCreery would likely do anything for his wife, Gabi, who he remains smitten with, in spite of their busy schedules.

"2018 has been the greatest year of my life, especially because it's the year I got to marry her," McCreery told PEOPLE. "She's incredible and we make a great team, and to be able to go through life together is one of my biggest joys. She always sees the best in people so it rubs off on me when I'm having a down day. Just going home to her perks me up a little."


McCreery is currently headlining his Seasons Change Tour. Find dates by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Matt Winkelmeyer