Scotty McCreery's New Dog, Moose, Hits the Stage

Scotty McCreery's new dog, Moose, hit the stage on January 19, in Raleigh, N.C., where McCreery was performing as part of his Seasons Change Tour.

(Photo: Instagram/scottymccreery)

"@MooseMcCreery made his stage debut last night!" the singer wrote on Instagram, along with a picture of the dog, held by McCreery's wife, Gabi.

The newlyweds got Moose earlier this month, which sounds like will be the only addition the couple add to their family, at least for a while.

"Everyone has that uncle, that crazy uncle who came out of the car with it," McCreery told Taste of Country. "I am the last McCreery boy in the whole bloodline, so it didn’t take too long for all of that pressure to start ... It’s all good natured."

The former American Idol winner added that they will have Moose for a couple years before they consider adding a child to their family.

"We are in no rush,” McCreery said. "We will make sure that we can keep the dog going first."

McCreery's current single, "This is It," was inspired by Gabi, with the video showing snippets of their wedding day.

"It's our wedding song," McCreery told "I sang it to her the night of our wedding. I don't think we could have had actors or actresses portraying that. It's our story, so it had to be us."

The video shows McCreery getting emotional as Gabi walks down the aisle, an emotion he was happy to share in the video.

"It was a lot," McCreery told of their big day. "I really was fine the whole day. I held it together and then we did a first look, and I could almost feel her presence coming behind me. When I did, I just started crying. All her bridesmaids were upstairs at the estate. They were looking all going, 'Ooh!' It was a lot. It was very overwhelming but a very big, great moment I guess you could say."

The couple will have to enjoy married bliss – with Moose – on the road, since McCreery's Seasons Change Tour extends well into 2019.

“Even though I’m always performing on the road, I really wanted to put together a specific tour surrounding Seasons Change because it is my favorite and most personal project yet,” McCreery explained. “I am so excited to bring Jimmie Allen and Heather Morgan out with me. They are such talented singer/songwriters and I know the fans are going to love them.”

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Al Pereira