Ryan Hurd Reflects on Last Valentine's Day With Maren Morris Before Becoming Parents

With only a few more weeks to go until Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris become parents, Hurd is making this last Valentine's Day be one to remember. The "To a T" singer opened up on social media about the importance of the day, alongside a photo of him and his very pregnant wife.

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"It's our last Valentine's Day just us, and I imagine that days like this will look pretty different starting in a few months," Hurd wrote. "There will probably be less of a party and more finger painted cards that are illegible but still stay on the fridge for far too long. I was looking back through some photos and realize all that I've really been posting is tour stuff, and it hit me funny because this season of my life has been so fun and so satisfying but it's been mostly just ours. There have been so many moments that we've been too busy living to share.

"I look at her and I am full of pride," he continued. "If you could hear the little things she says, it's just amazing how happy this kid has already made her. I am so proud of her for carrying this baby and it has made me love her more. It makes me happy that she has taken the time and space to rest her mind and her body after 4 years of going non-stop, and lately the nights have been full of laughter and learning how to fall back asleep after the boy in your uterus kicks you in the ribs 6 times to wake you up at 3:30 in the morning for the 3rd night in a row. Anyway, all this the say life of good and love is great to celebrate. Hearts for everyone."

Hurd has yet to meet their son, but he already knows what kind of father he is going to be: a good one.

"I'm gonna be the best dad," Hurd promised PopCulture.com. "We're thrilled. We're getting used to the idea still and learning a lot. Neither one of us knows what we're doing, but it's just been such an amazing time in our lives."


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