Ryan Hurd Defends Wife Maren Morris From Mom-Shamers After She Posts Pool Float Photo

Maren Morris recently removed nearly all photos of her son Hayes from her social media accounts after she decided she'd had enough of mom-shaming, but her husband, Ryan Hurd, stepped in to defend her from criticism on her last remaining snap of baby Hayes. Earlier this month, Morris posted a photo of herself and her 4-month-old sitting in a white golf-cart inspired float at the lake, both Hayes and Morris wearing matching cactus-print swimsuits. They also had on coordinating sunglasses and the vodka soda in Morris' hand was also green to match the float and suits. "Motor-floatin,'" her caption read.

While the majority of comments the singer received were positive, she was criticized for multiple aspects of the photo including the drink in her hand and the fact that Hayes was not wearing a life jacket. Hurd stepped in on Twitter, pointing out that moms are allowed to drink and that Hayes has two life jackets, which he has been seen wearing in several of Morris' other posts. "I'd just like to say, my wife usually doesn't need me to defend her, but she's a great mom, and my kid was not unsafe on a float in 1 feet of water being held by an adult with 5 people watching so she could get a picture," he tweeted on July 2. "Hayes has 2 coast guard approved life jackets that he wears. Also, sometimes moms have a drink, and homegirl earned it," he continued, following up with, "Later, nerds."

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Morris first announced her intentions of no longer posting photos of Hayes on July 1, responding to a fan who had defended her against a troll wondering where Hayes' life jacket was. "Honestly, I get so many criticisms of my motherhood on anything I post of Hayes, so I may just discontinue posting photos of him," she wrote. "Sucks but it's kind of where I'm at." Morris also replied to fellow country singer Mickey Guyton's supportive comment, explaining that she and her husband had already discussed the possibility of limiting photos of Hayes.


"Thanks, babe," Morris told Guyton. "I mean, we talked about curbing posting photos anyway now that he's a little bit older, but the added crap from (mostly other moms) folks definitely forced our hand." Last week, Morris made good on that promise and deleted every photo and video of her son from social media save for the lake snap. Hurd still has a few photos of Hayes remaining on his profiles from when the infant was just a few days old.