Ruthie Collins Shares the Inspiring Message Behind Her Short Film

Ruthie Collins released her debut album, Get Drunk and Cry, on Friday, and along with the LP, the country singer also released a short film featuring five songs from the album — "Getting Out There," "Get Drunk and Cry," "Boys and Beaches," "You Don't" and "Pink Bic."

The video tells the story of the full arc of a romantic relationship, beginning after a breakup and ending with a hopeful message of rediscovering yourself. As country music fans know, the genre can be an incredibly personal one, and Collins' music is no exception.

In an exclusive interview with, Collins shared her own story behind the emotional songs, revealing that each word she wrote has a message and that her goal was to create a project that was relatable to others.

“That’s life and we’ve all been through these moments and I just wanted to do something that was really relatable and really captured the emotions of what it’s really like when you love someone so much and they don’t feel the same way," she said. "We’ve all had to learn how to get through heartache and figure out how to be okay on our own and it’s such a universal thing.”

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In the film, one of the most memorable moments comes when Collins looks back on her past relationship, reliving the moment her character walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her, running out of the house and down the street before collapsing on her bed at home.

While Collins noted that she didn’t walk in on that exact scenario, “everything else is basically words from my diary.”

The singer revealed that she had recently gone through a breakup and that the project ended up being a very therapeutic one. Along with the songs, the video also features a spoken intro and outro that allowed Collins to deliver a different kind of message than with lyrics alone, and the singer shared that the sections are some of her favorite parts of the project.

"It was all true," she said. "Some of those lines, I took from songs that I've written recently about my last relationship, so it's straight from my diary."

Collins added that the full album's message is similar to that of the short film.

"I think the story of the album is really the same story as the visual album," she said. "It’s just getting through heartbreak, coming out on the other side stronger."


Get Drunk and Cry is available now.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @ruthie_collins