Russell Dickerson and Wife Kailey Are 'Open' to Becoming Parents in the Near Future

Could there be a baby in the near future for Russell Dickerson and his wife Kailey? The singer-songwriter says they might soon be ready to become parents, thanks to friends like Thomas Rhett and Tyler Hubbard, who are already juggling parenthood with their careers –- and even got his own set of wheels on the road in case they soon become parents!

"You know, we're open to that," Dickerson told ABC Audio, when asked about becoming a father. "We're ready. We get our own bus in July. In case, if that were to ever come about, then we'd be ready."

"There's so many people that we look up to and are so close to that have that example of how to have a family on the road," he added. "So it's again, [my friendship with] Tyler and TR and all that, it's just like the biggest blessing."

The Dickersons finally got to meet Rhett and Lauren Akins' newest addition to their family: their daughter, Lennon Love, who was born on Feb. 10.

"It was so awesome," Dickerson gushed. "[She's] so tiny. And again, looks exactly like Thomas Rhett. I feel so bad for Lauren, because she's so beautiful."

Dickerson also brought up Lennon Love's full head of hair, which reminds him of himself.

"I'm like, 'You need a baby that looks like you, not Thomas Rhett,'" he joked. "But she's an absolute angel. She's so beautiful. And [she's] got the cute little little mohawk hair. And I commented on Thomas Rhett's picture the other day. It was like, 'She looks like you, but she's got hair like Uncle Russ.'"

Dickerson is back at radio with "Love You Like I Used To," which was inspired by Kailey, even though she wasn't a fan of the song at first.

"After I played it she was like, 'Oh, I don't think you nailed it on this one,'" Dickerson told Billboard. "I was like, 'Wow. OK.' And that's why I love her. She's brutally honest no matter what. Then we [Dickerson and his co-writers] got back together I think about six months later and we were like, 'All right, let's see if we can fix this song.'

"We completely rewrote the entire song, but kept the chorus," he continued. "We restructured the song and then after we finished, we had a couple of people from our team and my wife and we played it for them. They were like 'Holy crap! There we go!'"


Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz