Russell Dickerson Surprises Wife Kailey With Gender of Their Baby

Russell Dickerson and his wife, Kailey, are currently expecting their first child, and the couple found out the sex of their baby this month. Dickerson shared the news in a video he posted to Instagram on Monday, revealing that he surprised his wife with the news after a visit to their doctor's office. The clip began with the couple at the doctor's, where Dickerson was given an envelope with the news.

He shared that he was going to reveal the gender to Kailey by going to the store to pick out some outfits for their baby before opening the envelope alone in the car, where he learned they are expecting a boy. After completing his shopping mission, the "Yours" singer arranged his purchases on a bed and decorated the room with blue streamers and tassels. He then brought in his wife, who had her eyes closed, before counting down for the big reveal. "It's a boy!" Dickerson exclaimed after Kailey opened her eyes.

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The clip was set to Dickerson's new song, "Home Sweet," which is all about making a home with your other half. During the song's bridge, Dickerson sings about seeing two pink lines on a pregnancy test. Kailey posted a photo of the moment on her Instagram page and shared in her caption that as someone with five older brothers, having a baby boy "is everything I ever wanted and more!" "I love the boys in my life so much and now I get to raise one of my own," she wrote. The mom-to-be added that she had a dream that her husband did their gender reveal, and in her dream, she was having a boy.


The Dickersons originally announced Kailey's pregnancy in April with photos from a pregnancy shoot. THE DAD SHOES ARE OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL! WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!" Dickerson captioned his post. Kailey added on her own page that the baby will arrive in the fall. "There are no adequate words to say how thankful and thrilled we are to be parents!!" she wrote. "No surprise, [Russell] is already the cutest dad in the history of dads! We're so excited to finally share and I'm thankful I don't have to hide under hoodies or drink fake wine to keep the secret! We're in full nest-mode here at the house and I can't wait to fill you in on all of it."