Russell Dickerson Is Hyped to Bring 'The RD Party' on Tour With Sam Hunt (Exclusive)

Dickerson is heading out on the road with Sam Hunt for the 'Locked Up Tour' this summer.

There is no shortage of great country music tours to check out this summer, but one you have to add to your "can't miss" list is Sam Hunt and Russell Dickerson's Locked Up Tour, with George Birge and Dalton Dover on select dates as well. recently had a chance to chat with Dickerson, who told us that hitting the road with Hunt "feels so perfect, because our vibes are right there with each other."

"He's got his vibe, I've got mine. I feel like it's a lot of similarities, a lot of audience crossover, maybe the best audience crossover of any tour I've ever done," Dickerson continued, noting that the two of them played a handful of shows together in 2023 that went really well. "We call it the RD Party, and that's what we're bringing to the Sam Tour, and I think that's why they want us to kick off the show right before them is get the crowd up, get the crowd partying, get them engaged, and meanwhile, play them some hits that they already know."

After he wraps up the 'Locked Up Tour,' Dickerson will be heading overseas for his European Good Day To Have a Great Day tour, named after his infectiously catchy new single. "I love going to Europe, man. The response is just insane. It always blows my mind that we can go to London and sell 2,000 tickets. It's like, 'What the heck is happening?'" 

"It's just cool to go over and have a new audience, and I feel like maybe it's just the UK, maybe the whole Europe in general is they just love albums. They love full projects over there," Dickerson continued. "And that's why I think it's so important to go see them face-to-face."

"I am sure they're listening to Luke Combs and listening to everybody else, and they could probably go over there and do amazing," he added. "But I just want to go over, even when we're not playing arenas over there yet, even when we're not, I want to invest in that fan base. Yeah, the shows are smaller, but the energy is just as hype if not more."

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