Russell Dickerson Plans Another Christmas Caroling Trip With Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard

Last year, Russell Dickerson and his famous friends, Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line's Tyler [...]

Last year, Russell Dickerson and his famous friends, Thomas Rhett and Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard, along with their spouses, made a surprise Christmas caroling trip, stopping by several houses, including RaeLynn's and songwriter Nicolle Galyon.

Although that trip was largely unplanned, the "Blue Tacoma" singer hints another caroling trip might already be in the works.

"[It's] very, very, very likely!" Dickerson told ABC News Radio. "We may or may not already be planning our route this year."

This year, Dickerson adds, might be a little more organized than their previous one – or maybe it will be another last-minute decision.

(Photo: Instagram/laur_akins)

"Last year was super-spontaneous," Dickerson said. "We were just like, 'Hey, it'd be fun to go caroling.' We ordered stupid, crazy Christmas carolers suits on Amazon, and we got a driver and we just went. We had no plan."

"I don't know if we're even gonna plan this year," he added. "We're just gonna do the same thing. And it was such a blast. And we may get a little video, like, to actually capture it this year. It's gonna be fun."

Dickerson just released his third single, "Every Little Thing," once again inspired by his adoring wife, Kailey.

"That's kind of the whole theme of the whole album, called Yours," Dickerson told "'Every Little Thing' is the next single. Same thing. It's just like, I love every little thing about her, and that's what the song's about. Because when I wrote the album, we were newlyweds."

The Tennessee native admits he would not have the career he has, if not for the support of Kailey.

"She started out driving the van, selling the merch, so she's put her time in," Dickerson said. "Now we have a tour bus, praise the Lord. In the back we got it converted into an actual bedroom, which is amazing. She's earned her keep to pay for her share of the bus."

Dickerson's bus will be busy next year, when he heads out on the road to co-headline The Way Back Tour with his good friend, Carly Pearce.

"I'm so pumped," gushed the singer. "It's called The Way Back Tour, because we go so far back. We've been friends for nine years now. That's a long time. We've been cheering each other on since that day. We've played shows together before. We had our first number ones within like six weeks of each other earlier this year. I'm such a huge fan. We're going to do a co-headlining tour. It's just going to be a celebration of 2018, and how far we've both come since 2010."

All of Dickerson's upcoming shows can be found on his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Paras Griffin