Russell Dickerson Reveals Inspiration Behind Brand-New Single, 'Every Little Thing'

Russell Dickerson doesn't have to look far for inspiration for his music. The 31-year-old wrote both "Yours" and "Blue Tacoma" about his wife, Kailey, and hints his brand-new single also honors Kailey as well.

"The next one's about my wife," Dickerson shared with at the BMI Country Awards. "That's kind of the whole theme of the whole album, called Yours. "'Every Little Thing' is the next single. Same thing. It's just like, I love every little thing about her, and that's what the song's about. Because when I wrote the album, we were newlyweds."

Kailey directed the videos for both "Yours" and "Blue Tacoma," but Dickerson admits they may start using other video directors, vowing that Kailey will still stay involved.

"We're actually getting to that point where we're going to have to really start figuring that stuff out," Dickerson conceded. "I don't know yet. She'll be there. She'll be involved in some way. Maybe not actually shooting it, but she'll be there."

Dickerson also just graduated to his own tour bus, as much for Kailey as for himself.

"She started out driving the van, selling the merch, so she's put her time in," Dickerson said. "Now we have a tour bus, praise the Lord. In the back we got it converted into an actual bedroom, which is amazing. She's earned her keep to pay for her share of the bus."

"Every Little Thing," which says, "Yeah, she's Seattle and Sonoma / Runs on coffee and red wine / She's easy like Sunday morning and wild like Saturday night," is one that Dickerson says most closely represents who he is.

"It's an uptempo, super fun, sing along jam that is one of my favorites," Dickerson explained. "I think it's the most me-sounding song that I have. I'm feeling real good about it. It ships to country radio on Dec. 3."

The Tennessee native will get plenty of chances to perform all of his music, when he kicks off his co-headlining The Way Back Tour with Carly Pearce on Jan. 24.

"I'm so pumped," Dickerson gushed. "It's called The Way Back Tour, because we go so far back. We've been friends for nine years now. That's a long time. We've been cheering each other on since that day. We've played shows together before. We had our first number ones within like six weeks of each other earlier this year. I'm such a huge fan. We're going to do a co-headlining tour. It's just going to be a celebration of 2018, and how far we've both come since 2010."

Dickerson joined both Thomas Rhett and Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker on the road this year, in addition to celebrating two chart-topping singles. It's been a lot for the singer-songwriter to take in, and he's just getting started.

"'Blue Tacoma' went to No. 1, and then we immediately got on a plane to Europe, and I was gone for 30 days," Dickerson said. "And so, it's just taking those little moments, while I'm on an airplane 30,000 feet up, just to be like, thank God for all of these blessings, and having these songs that are somehow working and connecting. It's a lot of pinch me moments."

Download "Every Little Thing" on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Paras Griffin