Runaway June Reveal Whether Carrie Underwood's Son Jacob Looks Like Her or Husband Mike Fisher

Runaway June is currently on tour with Carrie Underwood on the star's Cry Pretty Tour 360, which [...]

Runaway June is currently on tour with Carrie Underwood on the star's Cry Pretty Tour 360, which means they've spent plenty of time with Underwood's two sons, 4-year-old Isaiah and 4-month-old Jacob, who are joining their mom on the trek.

Speaking backstage at CMA Fest in Nashville, Runaway June, consisting of members Naomi Cooke, Hannah Mulholland and Jennifer Wayne, dished about their tour boss' adorable family, revealing that baby Jacob looks just like his mom.

"He looks exactly like Carrie," Wayne said, adding that Isaiah closely resembles his dad, Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher. "Isaiah looks like Mike and Jacob looks exactly like Carrie. It's so cute."

"We've been on the road now with her for a month and he's just grown so much and now he literally has done a phase, a little switch where as soon as the nanny or Carrie holds like hands with you he'll be cool for a second then all of a sudden he's like, 'no,'" Cooke added of Jacob.

As for Isaiah, the trio shared that he has a big crush on Maddie Marlow, who serves as part of the tour's second opening act with her Maddie & Tae bandmate, Taylor Dye.

"It's the cutest thing. She's just loving it," Mulholland shared of Marlow. "She gets all the attention in the world. He's a ladies' man in general, so he kind of gets all our attention. But specifically Maddie."

"Rides his little scooter around catering," Cooke added, while Wayne revealed that Isaiah even brought Marlow flowers at catering one day.

"He's a love, for sure. We're all trying to steal him away," Wayne joked. "We still got 40 dates left."

Underwood previously opened up about her son's crush on Twitter when she shared that Isaiah had asked her to wear jeans in order to impress Marlow.

"I seriously could've cried. My heart just about exploded," Marlow responded. "y'all raised the sweetest boy! Goes to show what a great example you and your hubby set for your boys. [new tour boyfriend]."

Speaking to reporters at CMA Fest, Underwood admitted that it's not easy having both her sons on tour with her.

"It's like he knows when I have a really morning or a ton of stuff to do the next day, because that's the night that he's going to be up like four or five times. Like last night," she joked of Jacob. "But, it's great that I have the kind of job where I can bring my kids with me. They're around, and when I have to step away and go 'Mommy has to go work,' there's a great support unit around me that, they got it, and then when I'm done I come back and we do our best to make things as normal as possible and try to stick to some sort of schedule. I mean, this is our life, and I'm lucky that they get to be around."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz