Runaway June Open up About 'Unglamorous' Part of Life on Carrie Underwood's Cry Pretty Tour 360

Runaway June just wrapped up the first leg of Carrie Underwood's Cry Pretty Tour 360, and will play several fairs and festivals until the tour resumes in September. While the trio, made up of Hannah Mulholland, Jennifer Wayne and Naomi Cooke, is grateful to be invited on one of the biggest tours of the year, they reveal life is still far from glamorous.

"I wish [people] knew how unglamorous it is on the road!" Wayne told The Boot. "Everyone looks at Instagram and they're like, 'Oh my God, it's a party. Everything's so great.' ... We're a total mess 19 hours of the day. Then, the 25 minutes we're onstage, we might look good, but we're in our pajamas half a second after the show."

Runaway June shares a bus, and life on the road, with their band full of guys, where they have all become super close – maybe closer than the women would like, especially when Cooke accidentally walked in on their guitar player using the bathroom.

"Normally, it's like, 'Oh my God!'" Cooke said. "But this time, I was like, 'I don't even care now.' We all live in this little can on the road. It doesn't matter."

Runaway June rarely use hotel rooms, relying instead on their bus, and getting ready in the arena, which the women admit can be a bit dirty.

"I'm like, putting my flip-flops on so I don't get athlete's foot in the back of this arena," Cooke explained. "It's totally open, no stalls. They're like prison showers. I'm back there, like, 'I hope no one walks in!'"

Life might be unglamorous on the road, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's a good problem to have," added Cooke.

Runaway June just released their freshman Blue Roses album, which they have been working on for almost four years.

"It feels like we have the album that we're ready to let fly," Cooke told "We're kind of just waiting to see what everybody thinks now, but it's out, and it feels really good to be like, 'Okay, we're finally done.' All of that work is in a little package and it's out there."


Underwood's Cry Pretty Tour 360, which also includes Maddie & Tae as an opening act, will resume on Sept. 10 in San Diego. Find a list of all of their upcoming dates, and order Blue Roses, by visiting

Photo Credit: Getty images/Tommaso Boddi