Runaway June Perform Exclusive Acoustic Version of 'Buy My Own Drinks'

Runaway June is giving readers an exclusive first look at the acoustic YouTube Session performance for their current single, "Buy My Own Drinks." The song is from their upcoming freshman album, scheduled to be released this summer.

"We just have so much fun when we play that song," Cooke told "It's such a jam. Our band has fun and that's actually how it became a single. We just liked it and we debuted it at Stagecoach [Festival], not even really thinking anything of it, just because we have fun singing it. The crowd reaction was so great that, that's what propelled it to be a single."

Runaway June, which also includes Jennifer Wayne and Hannah Mulholland, has been working to get their debut project ready before they head out on the road on Carrie Underwood's Cry Pretty Tour 360, which kicks off on May 1.

"We are going to try to have it ready for sale in June, but the music will be done before that," Cooke promised. "We'll probably finish completely wrapping music in April. Then it takes time to package and get everything ready to sell, but we would like to have it done in June."

"Buy My Own Drinks" is currently in the Top 25, and climbing, making it their highest-charting single so far. The official video for the song shows the three women both as adults as a child versions of the adults they would become, taking the infectious and fun song in an entirely new direction.

"We really loved the concept and latched onto it, because we knew that it wasn't what people were going to expect from the video," Cooke said. "I think everyone expected us to do some bar downtown and just have a party thing. But the song really isn't about that at its core. It's about remembering to make yourself happy and returning to your inner child, in a way, instead of looking for external things to make you happy. That's what the song's about.

"It was a lot of fun and we filmed it at our friend's bar in east Nashville, in this really beautiful little Victorian house in east Nashville," she continued. "So we got to do it at home, and we got these three little girls that were just a picture perfect interpretation of each one of us. It was so much fun and we got it done in one day."

Both the song and the video became the chance for Runaway June to show fans who they are, beyond their first two singles, "Lipstick" and "Wild West."

"It was a cool opportunity for us to show the world who we are a little bit more," Cooke said. "Each one of the girls, and their activities in the video is portraying things that we did as children. I was nine years-old, I was busking on a street corner. Hannah was an artist, and an art teacher. Jen has always rescued animals and been a part of rescuing dogs since she was little.

"It was a cool opportunity to show who we are at our core," she added, "and we still are that way, and just remember to return to your inner child when times get tough."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond