Rory Feek Schedules Series of Concerts in 2018

Rory Feek continues to heal after the loss of his wife, Joey Feek, to cancer. The singer, who along with Joey Feek made up the duo Joey + Rory, is raising their daughter, Indiana, now four years old, as a single parent, while he continues to recover from the death of his spouse and singing partner.

Recently, on the two-year anniversary of Joey Feek's memorial service, Rory Feek shared on his blog, This Life I Live, that he is moving forward with his music, scheduling several shows at his farm in Tennessee.

"Although I'm still not really writing songs or recording, I have done a few concerts in the barn this past fall and Christmas season, and to tell you the truth, I loved it," he writes. "Especially the ones we did during the holidays. We completely remodeled the concert hall and lobby and brought in a 20 foot wide LED wall that we put at the back of the stage. So besides singing lots of songs, I was able to use video to tell stories and share parts of our life that I've never been able to share before. And with the LED wall, Joey was able to be on the stage with me, singing and sharing and still being a part of this beautiful story that God has given us."

For now, Feek has scheduled shows one weekend a month, while he continues to focus most of his attention on raising Indy.

"The one room schoolhouse we've been building here on the farm for Indy to go to school in is all finished," reveals Feek. "It won't be long before she, and some other little ones will be learning how to write their ABC's, grow okra, raise baby goats and a hundred other 'farm school' dreams that will hopefully come to life in the coming months and years."


Feek's latest book, Once Upon a Farm, a memoir of his life since becoming a widower, will be released in June. Dates for all of Feek's upcoming shows can be found on his website.