'Reba': All the Ways to Watch Reba McEntire's Beloved Sitcom

It is hard to deny Reba McEntire is a triple threat these days. She's accomplished almost everything an artist can as a musician, she's been a fantastic host and presenter on an almost annual basis, and she's helmed a hit sitcom into syndication. She's a success story that many fans can't seem to get enough of, even today.

McEntire's sitcom, Reba, ran on The WB and The CW from 2001 until 2007, producing 127 episodes across six seasons. But since it wrapped up its initial run, the show has lived on and grown in popularity courtesy of its syndication across several channels.

The show started its syndication run on Lifetime and Ion Television nationally and Peachtree TV out of Atlanta, Georgia. But in August 2012, it found a solid syndication home in familiar territory for McEntire on CMT. It was also later picked up by ABC Family around the same period, followed by TV Land in 2015.

Since then, it has been removed from both ABC Family, now Freeform, and TV Land. It still remains on the TV Land website, with a few episodes open to stream, but it airs daily on CMT as part of its syndicated lineup. It has also been picked up as part of UPtv in August 2019.

However, TV is not the only route fans can take to watch the series today. There are also plenty of streaming options and purchase options available to watch the country superstar's sitcom.

Fans can still purchase the full series on DVD online. They can also choose to purchase each season individually through their favorite platform, like Amazon or Apple TV. The series is also available through YouTube if fans are already using or subscribed through that service.

If paying per episode isn't their route of choice, fans can still use their existing Netflix DVD option to order the seasons through the mail.


But the preferred method for most may be straight streaming that available for now through Hulu. All six seasons of the show are currently streaming through their FreeForm connection.

Check out the full listing below where you can see Reba each day or visit TV Guide to see the listings for the week.